5 Things Investors Should Know in 2015: BlackRock’s Chief Investment Strategist

Copper River Advisors is an independent RIA firm, but we continue to work alongside and leverage the knowledge base and product set of the world’s largest investment manager, BlackRock. 5 things to know and consider is a piece put forth by Russ Koeterich – Chief Investment Strategist at BlackRock and covers quite well five of the main themes that will dominate the investors landscape in 2015 to include:

  1. Central Banks Diverge: Dollar Likely Higher
  2. Fed Ready to Hike – But Rates to Remain Low
  3. U.S. Economy: Inching Up, Not Breaking Out
  4. Inflation: Still Low – In Some Places, Too Low
  5. Expect Stocks’ Bumpy Ride to Continue

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