ETF Assets Continue to Rise for Individual and Institutional Investors in 2015

ETFs (exchange traded funds) continue to gather assets at an unparalleled pace and continue to fuel growth as the primary investment vehicle of choice for individuals and institutional investors alike with the ETF market hitting $3 trillion in assets and showing no signs of slowing. According to Marketwatch, the ETF industry could grow to 15.5 trillion in assets within 10 years, eclipsing mutual fund industry altogether. The ETF growth story comes off of news that in 2014 the product category took in more assets than any other year previously.

In March 2015, ETF Trends Todd Schribel report that while market indexes like The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite fell over an average of 2% in March 2015, ETFs had an incredibly strong showing, garnering nearly $40 billion in assets from global investors in March 2015 alone.

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