Individual Investor

As a firm we typically work with individual investors, including family trusts, with in excess of $1,000,000 in assets.

As a fiduciary advisor, we identify investments and manage portfolios across multiple asset classes. We work only in your best interest. Based on our extensive knowledge of the financial markets, we are able to provide comprehensive analysis and manage positions for our clients in equities, fixed income, commodities and alternatives to include physical assets, private placements and angel investing.

Our clients often start with the need to have their investments consolidated, analyzed and managed into a single comprehensive view. Most investors do not have an accurate picture of their total investments, how these investments are correlated and what real risks they are taking across their entire portfolio.

Portfolio Management

Each of our client portfolios is customized to match the client’s risk profile and long term goals. We maintain a small client to advisor ratio, and will always take the time to understand and know the objectives of each investor. As a firm, we do not invest client assets into holdings that we would not  invest in ourselves. Our portfolio construction and daily monitoring will always include the basics tenants of portfolio management which are:

  • Asset Allocation: Creating a detailed and proper asset allocation plan and implementation timeline for each investor
  • Rebalancing: Quarterly rebalancing of the portfolio to bring investment goals and percentages in alignment with stated objectives
  • Risk Management: Detailed risk management discovery and analysis are performed to manage risks under different market conditions and economic cycles
  • Sector Rotation: Quarterly sector rotation and/or tilts to take advantage of fast growing industries, regions and individual countries
  • Tax Loss Harvesting: Regular communication with your CPA to identify and offset taxes on your holdings

Our Portfolios

Passive with Active Tilts

Investment products with a focus on passive products to include ETF’s and index funds. Active money managers and funds are chosen after only extensive analysis and benchmarking. We use a combination of Passive Exchange Traded Funds, Actively Managed Mutual Funds, as well as individual securities and alternatives to create an optimal asset mix for our clients.

*Strategic/Tactical Portfolio Construction
*Complete Transparency*

*Low Fee Products*


No two investors are the same and neither should be their approach and portfolios. Each portfolio is customized and will always contain the following elements based on personal goals.

*Proper Asset Allocations*
*Quarterly Rebalancing*
*Tax Loss Harvesting*
*Sector Rotation*

Security - Schwab Alliance

Copper River Advisors only acts as an advisor on your investment holdings.Charles Schwab maintains custody of all of your accounts, assets and cash. Please note that while Schwab is our custodian of choice, we certainly work with other custodians on assets that are held away.

*Industry Leading Technology Platform to Include Mobile*
*Leading Global Custodian with 13 Million Accounts*
*$3.5 Trillion in Total Client Assets*

Click here to read Schwab’s Corporate Factsheet

Alternative Investments

Until recently, alternative investments have only been available to the institutional investors such as pension funds, endowments and insurance companies. . Alternative investments are now beginning to have a broader acceptability in the market and have opened to HNW investors. Alternative investments can offer non-correlated market returns  not generally available through the traditional and public markets.

The vast majority of wealthy individuals and independent advisors have had limited  access to top investments in the alternative space. At Copper River Advisors, we pursue alternative investment opportunities through our extensive network of corporate executives, entrepreneurs and industry leaders. We are experienced in alternatives and our process constantly seeks to minimize investor risk while maximizing potential returns.

What are Alternative Investments?

Simply put, Alternatives are investments that don’t fall into the categories of traditional investment (or assets)—namely stocks, bonds or funds/ETF’s that invest in these securities. Alternative refers to investments that:

  • Have the ability to invest long and short simultaneously
  • Have the ability to invest across various asset classes
  • Are not restricted to one investment style
  • Have the potential to achieve positive returns in up or down markets