As a Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA), Copper River Institutional is focused on guiding corporate treasury departments on best practices in liquidity management. With interest rates at historic lows and SEC reforms in place, corporations are actively seeking unbiased advice and guidance on where and how to invest. We are uniquely positioned to provide independent advice on new approaches, as well as alternative investment products in this evolving segment of the market.

Operating in a fiduciary capacity allows us to advise, guide and align a corporations needs with the proper products and approaches.

challenges faced by treasurers

  • Interest Rates

    After a decade of historically low interest rates corporate treasures are actively seeking alternative products to augment their cash strategies in order to diversify their risk and achieve a reasonable yield.

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    Prime Money Funds

    Prime Funds have been a staple investment for corporate treasury departments for the past decade. However, when the new SEC rules went into effect 85% of Prime Fund assets quickly fled the asset class. With possible redemption “Gates” and “Fees” looming over institutional shareholders, low returns and with a concentrated risk to financial issuers, Prime Funds have become a poor option for corporate treasurers.

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    MMF portals have gone from a useful investment platform, to one with diminishing advantages. The reasons are simple; Prime Funds have been taken off the eligible investment list due to the SEC reforms of October 2016. Government and Treasury Funds, while an option, provide little to no yield and diversification. For corporations investing in Government and Treasury Funds going “Direct” to the fund sponsor instead of using 3rd party aggregator may present a better option.

  • Bank Deposits

    According to Association of Financial Professionals (AFP), Bank Deposits captured over 55% of a corporations cash investments over the past year. This percentage has gone up dramatically over the past 5 years, and corporations need to be aware of the risks of being over concentrated not only to their credit banks but also the financial sector.

Cash Vehicles Are Changing